Accessible, Clean, Affordable Power for Africa.

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LeapEnergy provides the ground-breaking solution for million people in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) – and you have the power to bring it to the masses with your investment.


BAC (Be Always Connected) is easy to deploy and install an all-in-one distributed generation unit, consisting of a powerful engine, energy storage, and management and control systems, via an accompanying app.

How do we do it ?

A key component of our business model is to provide BAC inventory in each local market. The end-user lacks resources to acquire it but is able and willing to pay a small cost for the power.

Make/Save Money

End-users: anyone that lack access to power and are hindered by lack of upfront capital to finance access, including farmers.

Make Money

Host: anyone that would finance power asset for a return

Societal ROI

World : Societal ROI is a sustainable world

Why Leap Energy's BAC ?

The BAC is compact, robust, and resilient in energy. It is easy to deploy and install because it is integrated ALL-IN-ONE. The equipment (BAC) is simple, effective, and affordable both in terms of installation and usage.

Host List BAC

The host buys the BAC for a mere $2,400 which is 50% of the market price making it very attractive and affordable. The host owns the BAC outright.

  • Earn Revenue

  • Protect BAC with anti-theft and user-lock protocols via Access2Power technology

  • Start Immediately


The end-user for power pays to use the power for whatever application he needs via the BAC app. Access2Power On-Demand.

  • Anywhere

  • Any Application

  • Easy Payment

  • Zero down payment

  • Start Immediately



Market with Incentive

With Anti-Theft and Use-Lock technology we offer a dualized innovation that de-risk ownership loss and guarantees payment collection.

True Market Disruption

The per capita electricity expenditure as a share of income would reduce by 35% or more per household.


Excellent Life Cycle Return on the $2,400 by the Host. The guaranteed life of the BAC is 15 years.


Access2Power on-Demand :   Affordable Subscription  & Empowered to just do life

We have made extraordinary progress so far


LeapEnergy was established. We developed the End-Use Distributed Generation (EUDG): a powerful engine for a 45 metric ton off-grid powered cold storage capacity facility.


The EUDG won the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Grant Challenge and was awarded a $100,000 grant.


LeapEnergy began generating positive revenue, which has continued to this day.

2018 and 2019

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition ordered five units and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ordered four units.


By December, the company had off-grid powered cold storage systems installed in a third of Nigerian states and other SSA countries. EUDG is rebranded as Be Always Connected (BAC).


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This is a smart investment opportunity

We are unique, ambitious, driven, have a successful business model,
and are ready to scale to incredible heights.


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Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is legally entitled to invest.

What is the min/max amount I can invest?

Our minimum investment will be $500 and the maximum will be $50,000.

How can I make a return on my investment?

We want you to always be aware when investing and understand when you may expect to realise a financial return on your shares.

In the short term, we expect to reinvest retained profit to help us grow. For the longer term, there are multiple ways in which you could make a return: If we are floated on the stock market, start buying back equity from investors, or if there are future liquidity events.

All options are currently open but, whatever happens, you’ll get to be part of our future. As with all investments, there is a risk that you will lose all your investment. Please be aware of the risks associated with investing.

What’s next?

Ready to invest? Invest Now and take the plunge!

We project the rollout of 5,000 decentralized power generators (BAC's) into 6 countries in 24 months ahead of embarking on series A/B funding, which is planned to commence in fall 2022.The successful rollout of 5,000 BAC will generate revenue of more than $12 million. Making an investment today is your way to secure your part in this ambitious yet realistic growth and enjoy the social, environmental, and financial rewards that come with it.

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